Friday, September 12, 2008

We're in!


Anonymous said...

We are in New Iberia, LA and in the process of building this same house in a subdivision here. I would love to know where you found your bath fixtures (sinks, specifically) They look like pottery barn, but I am not sure. We are looking at 157.00 per square foot living to build this--does this sound close to your cost? We LOVE this house plan and fell in love with it immediately upon seeing it. You have done a wonderful job of building. Congratulations.

Jerre Borland

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, your home is beautiful. We have just begun construction on the same plan, we are so very excited. You are an ispiration to us. We will use your blog as our reference daily.

Bubba & Moose said...

ok, first of all, sorry it took so long to reply, but moving in has been a bear. Especially since we are doing so much ourselves. The sinks in the bathrooms, hah, thats a funny story. The two in the master and the one in the upstairs master were purchased from costco. The base top and sink, all in one, were less than $500 each. the 2 in the jack and jill were from the Allen+Roth collection from Lowe's and cost like $400 each.

Jerre, we spent like $107 a square foot. not including the lot. But you have no clue how much work we did ourselves. All hardwood, all tile flooring, porch floors, porch ceilings, and we got a great deal on our appliances and got our countertops at 50% off.

Anon, if you have any questions, please let us know, we will be happy to answer

Chris Haley said...

I was sent your blog from a friend, and it is amazing to the progress of the construction and your enthusiasm for the house. I was part of the original design team at Looney Ricks Kiss Architects. We are glad to see so many people who enjoy this house. In just a short amount of time, the house has quite a remarkable history from where it started to the responses after it was built. We would enjoy hearing your reactions to how the house "lives" now that you have been in it for a while.

Chris Haley, LEED AP
Looney Ricks Kiss Architects, Inc.
(901) 521-1440

Anonymous said...

We are looking at this floor plan and would love to take a tour of it somewhere. I know it was the idea house in 07, is it still open to the public at all? Can you advise where we could actually go through the house/ plan. We live in BG, KY..By the way, it turned out beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am not even sure if you keep up with this blog anymore.. but my husband and I are absolutely in LOVE with this house/plan. We plan to start construction this coming spring. I would love to contact you further (if you wouldn't mind)get some feed back. We love the hard wood floors you used! I also want to ask you a few questions... like is the size of the master bedroom big enough? Do you enjoy the work room? If you wouldn't mind could you contact me at We are from Jesup, GA.

Anna M said...

My husband and I are also interested in this house and have loved looking over your blog. You did great work!

I have the same two questions as the previous poster-
1) Was the actual bedroom part of the master large enough (for a king bed)?
2) How did you use the family work room space? Any pictures you can share of this?
and now that you've been in a year...any thoughts on changes?

Bubba said...

The hardwood floors are reclaimed heart pine from the spartan cotton mill in south carolina, from we love them too, and with a newborn, the reclaimed was the way to go. There are holes all through the flooring. nail holes screw holes, from when it was used previously. The master bedroom is adequate. With the built in dressers in the closet there is no need for a lot of furniture. we have a king size bed in our master, and there is tons of room left. the work room houses our computer, and a deep freezer. oh and pantry cabinets too. we don't use it for much else.

We added several hundred square feet while building, we saw areas that we could move a wall here and make a closet bigger there, so we took advantage of it. The hardest part of building was the lack of a lighting plan. we just kinda made it up as we went along, but it turned out really well, except for missing a 3-way switch here or there. Overall we love the house. We would absolutely build it again.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to reply back.

Anonymous said...

Your home looks great! I have a question... I am thinking of this house plan for a lake home. We have an existing cabin and will be tearing it down. What I am thinking about is-- facing the front of the home towards the lake. It seems like it would be perfect for that. I'm not sure that you would need the screened porch on the rear (facing the road). I was suprised to hear that you don't really use the work room- it has sufficient space for an extra refrigerator... and maybe a space for sewing? Have you posted any other photos of the completed interior aywhere? Thank you so much for any information : )

Heather Threatt
South Carolina

Bubba said...

Hi Heather,
I think facing the front of the home towards the lake would work very well - the front of our home actually faces the bluffside of a mountain with views of the TN river. We were lucky to have toured the 2007 southern living Tucker bayou in Watersound and they faced the front towards the golf course and you entered the back which worked nicely.
The family work room is definitely used, so i should clarify my last post. We use it as a mudroom, computer room, pantry, and have an extra deep freezer and a dog nook for mans best friend. It is the "catch all" in our house. We chose to use the upstairs, what the plans call a bunk room, for sewing and crafts. Additional photos were recently posted on our other blog,

We are so happy with our decision to build the Tucker Bayou!

Moose said...

here's the link again...i dont think the other was right

Anonymous said...

My husband and I walked around the house in Florida, but it wasn't open at the time. We have been in love with this design since I saw it in the magazine!

Questions: The master bedroom looks small. Do you have dressers in your bedroom at all? We also have a king size bed.

Our property is in the country in Mississippi. Lots of rolling pastures and hills. I hope the house doesn't look weird in this setting. How big is your lot?

How long did construction take? Was it really accelerated due to the modular styling?

Thanks for your input!