Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Footing is complete!

The holidays have come and gone...and so has Sikes backhoe service. The sub arrived this morning at 7am to begin digging - Jim was up there by 7:15 to watch and document the process on video (see movie below)
The concrete trucks began the journey up the mountain around 2pm and the last truck delivered the final 2 yards of concrete at 5:30pm. The builder will order the concrete blocks tomorrow and hopefully they'll be delivered by the end of the week. We're expecting rain this weekend so we won't see any other progress until after the new year (mid next week).
-We received the building schedule from Danesh which says the house should be finished and ready for final inspection by June 3o, 2008 (assuming good weather and no material delays)

Monday, December 17, 2007

We have the building permit...and the tears they flow like wine!

Day 2 with our building permit...
The lot has been cleared for a little over 2 weeks and the surveyor came out today to mark the corners of the house. It's great to finally see where the house and garage will sit.

The builder tells us that because we are using SIPs on the first floor our overall schedule will change. The lead time for the SIPs is approx 6 weeks (that will teach us to start building right before the holidays) ARghghghghgghg, so now the builder will excavate and pour the footing for our house but have to send his framing crew to another house until our first floor arrives from the factory in Louisville, the end of JANUARY. This is truly a test of patience for us both...but mostly Moose! Excavation is set to be completed by Wednesday, just in time for the family to see some progress when they visit for Christmas.

A few other random thoughs/points of interest:
-We got our temporary power and water paid for and scheduled for hookup.

-We've decided to use Alluriam Stone for the foundation (it's locally made in Birmingham so we'll be able to pick it up directly from the manufacturer)

-The garage will now be located approx 10 feet from the house without a covered walkway to meet code...we will add the roof at a later date to skirt around this little problem ;-)

-Hardi Siding is expensive!!! we should just cover this puppy in 14k gold...but alas, we won't have to paint for 15 years.

-Windows and exterior/interior doors have been selected. We're going with Anderson 400 series windows (Color: Terratone), Santa Cruz wooden exterior doors and Masonite 2 panel hollow core interior doors (8ft 1st floor, standard 2nd floor)

-The SIPs we are using are coming from Fisher SIPS Louie S. is the man!

and that's about it for now...pray for us

Sunday, December 16, 2007


So, here's the deal. We have decided to build a house, and document the daily goings on right here in our very first blog. It is the "Tucker Bayou" plan from Southern Living. It is also the 2007 Southern Living Idea House in northern Florida.
This is actually the THIRD set of house plans that we have been through, but the only one that we went inside. And when we did go inside, we knew we were home. Click here to check out the plans.

We have had our land for about 10 months now, but we have been eyeing it for at least a year. After some careful looking we decide to use a StoneCraft Construction and builder Danesh Foroughi. He is a very energy efficient builder in our area, he uses ICFs, which are Insulated Concrete Forms, and open and closed cell spray foam insulation. But for our house, we are using SIPs. SIP stands for Structural Insulated Panel. SIPs are basically a OSB and EPS foam sandwich, a 7/16" sheet of oriented strand board, a 4.5" sheet of expanded polystyrene foam, and a 7/16" sheet of oriented strand board.

We will keep you updated, maybe daily, depending on what is happening. Thanks for stopping by our blog and hope to see you soon.