Friday, August 8, 2008

Lots of Pictures!

We havent had much time to update the blog b/c so much is going on!

Visit to view all of our new pics!


Polk Place said...

Bubba & Moose,

We are so glad we found this site. Your house looks great.

We too are building the Tucker Bayou in Dallas, GA. It great to see your pics.

Did you go with the Authenic Pine Floors? They look great.

We were able to put our house on a full basement. We also added a fire place in the same location. We shifted the desk area in the upstairs bedroom to get the chimey up through the roof. It actually looks pretty good.

They pu the roof shingles on yesterday. We hope to be in by Thanksgiving.

Good luck. Your home looks great and awesome lot.

Todd & Michele

Bubba & Moose said...

Todd and Michelle -
So glad you enjoyed the site. We'd love to see pictures of your house! We wanted to put a real chimney on the house but chickened out at the last minute and put a gas fireplace in instead.
It's an exciting process to see the house really starting to come together (i remember the shingles being a huge milestone)
Congrats and good luck! We hope to posting pictures of the completed house soon :-)

Anonymous said...

Bubba and Moose,

My husband and I are thinking of building the Tucker Bayou through Haven Homes in Savannah, Ga. We've really enjoyed your blog and pics of the process! The stone foundation really adds a wonderful feel to the house.

We've received a quote from Haven that seemed surprisingly high - $625.000. I know ya'll made some smart decisions about windows and other ways to save money. Is there an estimate of how much this house should cost to build?

Thanks so much for your help. We love the house!

Angela and Kenneth