Sunday, June 8, 2008

2 months to go!

Jim and I have been crazy busy this past month, and we apoligize for not updating the blog or posting pics. We sold our old house (only on the market for 21 days!) and are currently living in a little 2 bedroom apartment.
The new house is looking great and is scheduled to be completed by the first of August.
The drywall was finished last week and exterior siding should be finished this week. Interior doors, trim and hardwood floors are being delivered tomorrow.
This weekend we put up beadboard on the front and back porch ceilings. We "misplaced" our camera in the moving process so we used Jims camera phone to take some pictures.
The first couple are of the new porch ceilings (which will look a lot better once it is painted and caulked)
There is one of the couffered dining room ceiling all drywalled.
And the last one is of the stone and siding color we have chosen.

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