Monday, April 28, 2008

Electrical, Plumbing and Central Vac is done!

We have been extremely busy these last few weeks and have been unable to find time to post new pictures.
The house is amazing - this has truly been one of the most satisfying projects. We must give a huge shout out to our builder, Danesh Furoughi with Stonecraft Construction - he has been such a delight to work with (and he puts up with us being so involved)
-The roof has been shingled - we decided to go all shingles instead of doing metal around the porches like the plans had suggested
-Stairs to the "man room" are finished (Jim is thinking dart boards, air hockey table, large t.v, etc)
-Rough in plumbing is finished (complete with outdoor shower and hot/cold dog wash!)
-Rough in electrical is almost finished
-Rouch in central vac system is finished (i'm SOOOO excited about this!)
-We ran the speaker wire for the whole house audio system last weekend (Thanks to Dad Tyson for your help!)
-Front and Side exterior doors have been primed (thanks to Mom Tyson for your help!)
-Garage doors were installed (they look amazing!)
-Fireplace is installed - the vent sticks out onto the side porch, so it turns out we get a porch heater too!
-HVAC should be done by the end of this week

Hopefully we'll get our framing inspection next week!
Next step? Built-In Shelves in Dining Room, Sheet rock, porch ceilings, exterior siding and stone!

Pictures coming soon (sorry our current house is for sale and the laptop is in the closet :-)

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