Saturday, January 19, 2008

What can I say...

Apparently we are just not very good at keeping this thing updated. But to be fair, not a whole lot has happened. The block for the foundation has been laid, but it is not right. The house is 4 inches too skinny. Normally that is not a very big problem, but when using SIPs the foundation must be perfect. We think that the problem is stemming from the surveyor. We think he missed 4 inches that is shown in the plans.

The SIPs have been ordered, but have not been cut yet. This is actually ok with us because we might have changed our minds about what kind of windows we want to use. Now we are leaning toward Marvin Integrity windows. They are made of extruded fiberglass, and are much more energy efficient than vinyl or aluminum.

We now have temporary power and water on our lot, and the termite treatment has been applied to the soil.


Mom said...

You have to admit, that even with the mis measurement of the foundation, it's pretty darned exciting to see a house grow from the ground up!!!!
In the end, your house will be everything you want it to be.
Love, Mom (at the Beach)

katie cobb said...

wondering how much did you have to clear for the house

katie cobb said...

we are getting ready to build this plan and I have so many questions.... tell me about the garage . is it a room above it ? were you able to get this house done as a modular like they did in florida to receive all the awards ?